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Southern Wines
178,000 sq. ft. demolition, 6 acre site cut & fill, on-site concrete crushing, asphalt milling

King Kullen- Glen Cove

Store Expansion- demolition, excavation, 300ft. concrete retaining wall, loading docks, drainage, sewer , electric and water services.
Lattingtown Preserve
19 Lot Subdivision - land clearing, demolition, foundation excavation, road drainage, dry wells, sump excavation, grading, water, sewer for 19 new homes.
Brewers Marina Phase II
1,000ft waterfront slope restoration, 1000ft boulder seawall, 980ft french drain system, parking lot restoration.
Brewers Marina Phase I
60,000 sq. ft. building, 15,000 sq. ft. building, new paved road and entrance, catch basins, dry wells, new sewer man holes and spur connection to pump out station, electric utilities.
New Store- land clearing, demolition, 1800ft. of pre cast retaining wall, foundation excavation, dry wells, catch basins, grading, water, sewer, electric utilities.
Gotkin Residence
House Moved & Transported by barge on LI sound- install wood pilings for house, drainage, water, electric and sewer services.
North Fork Bank
New Bank- demolition, foundation excavation, catch basins, dry wells, parking lot, curbs, sewer, water, electric utilities.
Shops at Greenvale
Retail Stores- demolition, excavation, controlled fill, 14,500gal. septic system, dry wells.
Oak Gardens
38 Apartments- excavation, demolition, controlled fill, foundation, sewer, drainage, curbs, sidewalks.
Honda City Phase II
Service Center- 1/2 mile of sewer, excavation, drainage, 5,000 cubic yards of soil remediation.
Honda City Phase I
9 Acre Site- demolition, asphalt milling, catch basins, dry wells, excavation, controlled fill, parking lot.
345 Underhill Properties
Warehouse Expansion- remove train spur, controlled fill, excavation.
Creek Club
Employee Housing- 90,000gal. septic system, demolition, excavation, drainage, electric, water.
313 Underhill Realty
4 Acre Building Demo- concrete crushing, asphalt milling, land clearing, grading.
Sundown Ski & Sport
Store Expansion- demolition of 1/2 of existing building, underpinning excavation, dry wells, catch basins, grading.
Steam Boat Landing New Restaurant- foundation excavation, controlled fill, grading, dry wells, catch basins, parking lot, curbs, sewer, electric, water utilities.
Koondel Residence New Residence- demolition, excavation, 7,500gal septic system, catch basins, dry wells.
313 Underhill Realty 80,000sq ft. Building- excavation, drainage, catch basins, sewer, electric, telephone, parking lot.
School for Language and Communication School Expansion- land clearing, demolition, concrete retaining wall, pilings, import 4,500 cubic yards of fill, grading, dry wells, catch basins, curbs, water, sewer, electric utilities.
Peconic Builder's New Residence- excavation, foundation, drainage, 5,500gal. septic system.
Samuels Residence New Residence- demolition, excavation, foundation, 10,500gal. septic system, dry wells.
Kerns McCall Residence New Residence- demolish existing house by hand, 18ft. foundation excavation, under pinning excavation, dry wells, railroad tie walls, sewer service.
Lin Residence New Residence- land clearing, demolition, excavation, 9,500gal. septic system, dry wells, catch basins, tennis court, driveway.

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